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September 09, 2012


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I love your plumbing story! I am sure that was the best beer you ever had!

Mitzi Curi

I'm really developing a new appreciation for fabric by reading your blog....your pictures make it look so great, I want to run out and buy a bunch! And I'm sorry to hear about your plumbing misadventures. How frustrating!

Kim Kenward

You definitely earned your beer after your faucet adventures. Gorgeous fabric.

Beth Leintz

Oh yes, I'm very familiar with the "I think that would sell on Ebay" style. It really is a great style, because when you sell something in that style, you are never sad about it leaving your house.

I know nothing about silk either, but I'll buy any reasonably priced textile with an original tag- sometimes just because I like the way the tag looks.

I'm sorry to hear that Mr Oodles is having shoulder problems. Mr Dust is, too. I'm going to share your post with him so he will get that MRI before I am forced to become a plumber.

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh plumbing is not fun! Sorry Mr Oodles is hurt hope that he gets better soon. I am just in love with your fabrics today! Oh wow! I think my fav is the pink and aqua kitchen print! Hugs, Linda


You crack me up...I think the only part of a plumbing problem I could do would be cursing & drinking the beer. :D
Fab Fabrics! Oh, I do love that pink & aqua - c'mon aqua cherries even! It would go so nicely with my aqua kitchen-aid. I can just imagine how cheerful the artists were drawing/designing/coloring the fun fabrics of the past.


Sorry to hear about Mr. Oodles and hope he is feeling better soon. In the meantime, if you did a plumbing repair in 45 minutes and it did not require a minimum of 3 trips to the hardware store then I think you should be a card-carry journeyman! Drink the beer now.
The only thing better than the practical little housedress would be a bard coat made from the barkcloth for those cool mornings!


You found such lovely fabric! I really really like the aqua and pink kitchen print. It would make fun place mats. :-)


You do know plumbers make good money! Enough to buy a lot of that insanely good housedress fabric. Done that same fix myself in fact I do most of the work around here because I am impatient! Smiles...Renee

julie thompson

Tenacious is a good quality. And funny as always :-)


One of the funniest blog posts I've read in awhile, love it. And my husband once asked someone, when they couldn't get a door lock to function and were locked out of a room, "Well, did you try cursing?" The funniest part was the man who was locked out said, "No, and I probably shouldn't, I'm a chaplain!" Hilarious.


You are an inspiration to us all - in many ways! That silk is fantastic.

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