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September 11, 2012


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Oh my gosh, those quilt kits are amazing. I have never seen one before. Good score!


Holy cow, those boxes are so neat! That is exactly what I need to find because I want to learn how to quilt, but really dislike cutting! I bet you are glad you made that second pass!


OOOh those kits look fabulous! I would love to get my hands on one, but then I would have an internal battle if I should use it or keep it intact because its just so darn cool!


Oh golly, the kits look amazing.


I love the original price of 20 cents! Do you think the pieces were cut by machine?


i'd have hyperventilated and probably passed out if I-Spied those little Wonder-Art envelopes! Great Find


Shut the front door. (And then send me enough money to buy them when you sell them, because they will surely bring $$$.)

Melissa's Antiques

All these fabric posts are really amping up my need to break out my grandma's sewing machine - a mint green Swinger - that still works just like the day she bought it over 50 years ago.


I almost think theyd have had to been cut by a machine - they are so precise and uniform. I just love those prints!


Oh good Goats....please tell me that is going in a shop or etsy...I love those precuts...ooo...maybe you could just sit and cut out all your lovely fabric for us...yeah that will work...so cute...smiles..Renee (french of course)

Jenny G.

Not only are the kits cool in and of themselves, but the fabrics are so pretty! Great score, as always!


Why don't they make wonderful stuff like this any more? These are amazing.

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