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September 10, 2012


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chris mckinely

Just love the knittd egg warmers!! I've never seen them before!



Oh! Oh! Oh!


Haha! Such a fun post! Love the egg cups!


Egg cozies - who knew! I want my eggs to be cozy.

laurie magpie ethel

I'd say that is some tweetness!


tweet as can be! (Made me smile this early morning!)


The aviary are plentiful. My mother in law brings out those crochet chickens at Easter every year. That card...one of the best. Who knew how spot on trendy they really were...smiles..Renee

Lisa W.

That's my kind of tweet . Love like crazy the pom pom chicken egg cozies ! Please give a shout if they are ever for sale !! If not - please just show lots of photos of them in your perfect for little-pom pom-chicken-egg- cozies kitchen ! :)

Mitzi Curi

I thought those egg cozies were so cute, until I saw the little chicks, which were even cuter!


Sweet, sweet, sweet!

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