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October 22, 2012


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Kim Kenward

I hope you are on your way to pick up some meds now that it is daylight. I'm glad you have a furry companion to help nurse you back to health.


I'm a phone call away if you need ANYTHING! Feel better soon!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

You know what works just like Nyquil? Pear vodka and cranberry. You might want to think about it.


Okay, I'm a phone call away from the liquor store!


I hope you feel better soon! Your dog seems like the perfect companion on a sick day, I fear my children aren't as loyal.


Ha. Tis the season for the Nyquil. I like the capsules. I'm terrible about swallowing medicine. We were out when I was sick 2 weeks ago. I trolled every nook and cranny medicine could possibly be in our house. And I found some in my daughter's room. It got me by. I was in your predicament. So when I went to Costco after that I picked up a gross. Nyquil is a must to have around. get better.

laurie magpie ethel

I have never thought about going to purchase Nyquil at 4 a.m. in my pajamas. I have gone out in my p.j.s to sign up for an estate sale in the early a.m. hours. I think my sense of propriety is warped. Feel better!


Something about doggies and quilts...they go together perfectly. Those buttons are divine. I didn't win the last two I bid on..dang it. but it looks like you have more....smiles...feel better soon...Renee

Beth Leintz

You're lucky to have loyal Nurse Carson...glad you feel better.


Ahhh, Nyquil. I limit myself to no more than 3 days. It is magic though for getting to sleep.... I have lowered my standards over the years and will now go as far as the curb in my PJs. Poor neighbors!


Here's the secret: For years, I've slept in clothes (yoga pants and a sweatshirt). No one bats an eye.... Nyquil, ice cream, wine. Whatevs.


Can I take your dog for a walk? Please!

Carol in Tulsa

It's the pits being sick! I'm a former alcoholic, set free by the Lord over 11 years ago, but when I'm sick that's the one time I wish I could have a few stiff Jack D. & soda's! That Zicam nighttime cold stuff is really good, but I'm not sure they make it anymore. It was a clear liquid and didn't taste bad, and really helped me sleep. Hope you're much better by now.

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