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October 26, 2012


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Hi Barbara~

I am dealing with the same lack of sales here on the west coast. I haven't been to any in the last 3 weeks. There is one that sounds promising tomorrow morning and I will be there for sure (along with every other person in town I'm sure). I love your candy bucket. Maybe you can tell me how to tell if they are old or not (besides the telltale Walmart stickers on so many of them).




it has been the same around here. slim pickings, and i have barely even gone out. i love those little matchbooks though!

laurie magpie ethel

I am not sure how the doctor would have responded if you asked about your internal picker. Dismal sales this weekend here too...at least you did not leave totally empty handed!

Into Vintage

It's that time of year, I suppose, although I agree, some of my best finds have traditionally been in October. Except for this particular October.

BTW -- your last photo pretty much sums up my entire yard sale season regarding vintage Chrsitmas finds. (insert frowny face here)


Here! Here! Dismal pickings here too. Although I might have been happy to come home with that sweet tablecloth. Glad you checked out OK...smiles..Renee


Happy to hear you are feeling better. Maybe the junking overlords are looking out for you and holding back the good stuff until you fully have your game on! 8+)


Such a pretty vintage tablecloth!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo Heather


I was wondering the same thing about how to tell which ones are vintage pumpkin buckets.

And, Barbara I hear you about lack of sales. The church rummage sales even have been sorely lacking on my side of town and the stuff isn't worth buying. I did, however, recently buy some Halloween Suni candles for $.25 a piece(which are very similar to Gurleys and also made in Buffalo)at church rummage sale. They are new but missing the wicks. I was so excited to actually find vintage Halloween.


Actually, I think Suni candles may have been a division of Gurley.


I love the jack-o. I had those trick-or-treating. Everyone did. Love that. Life is like this post sometimes, isn't it.

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