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October 14, 2012


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My heart is breaking for young Mr. Oodles! And, as a fellow mom, I'm sure it was very fortunate for the other golfer that he has not crossed your path yet.

Maybe you can begin referring to the things on the dining room table and in your guest room as "college meal plan" or "psych 101" or, maybe more identifiable, "chicken wing sauce" instead of feed sacks, buttons and shiny brites?

Kim Kenward

Ouch! I can't even imagine the pain your poor son is going through. Love your cupboard. It certainly looks right at home.


Oh no! Are his fingers going to work again?


I feel your pain! I have a sideline antiques business, and I do not get any love for it. Well,until birthday gifts appear, vacations happen, and Christmas gifts are sparkling under the tree. Even then, no one makes the connection (and try to get someone to move something, everyone disappears!)Grrr...but "gotta" love them anyway!

Into Vintage

I too had a vision of your family wading through several inches of buttons on the floor of your house (you know the kind of establishment where they throw the peanut shells on the floor for eternity -- kind of like that). Doesn't everyone's guest room double as the Vintage Inventory Warehouse?

Wishing College Oodles a speedy and full recovery.


That's an awesome piece of furniture! Wish I could find one. Did you know there is a site called 'Feedsack Friends' on fb? I just joined and thought I'd pass the word.
Love those buttons!


Reading your blog is a guilty pleasure. I live vicariously through your finds. The buttons are amazing.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Never, before today, have I thought of golf as a dangerous sport! I hope Young Mr. Oodles recovers quickly.
My little junking/selling enterprise isn't appreciated over here either. So maybe sometimes things get stacked on the stove, waiting to be photographed, but isn't dinner always on the table, always on time? Ok, bad example, but at least YOU understand!

laurie magpie ethel

I am sure both of our families must be very used to our little vintage messes and changing environments with items coming in and out. Kate was home this weekend and I had to clean out her room of inventory...I left some stacked along the perimeter and she did not even bat an eye.
Glad you a visit in with college boy...

Melissa's Antiques

First - sorry to hear about college Mr. Oodles.

Second - that cabinet is to die for after replacement hardware was added.

Third - I have a 3 bedroom house and currently bedrooms 2, 3, and half the living room are doubling as inventory space, as I'm in the midst of being a vendor at a festival and prepping more christmas items for listing. My family and friends refuse to visit during this month, because they just don't understand how I can have so much "junk" and various other things I'd rather not call my precious Shiny Brites, knee hugging elves, etc, scattered in little piles all over my house. Thankfully it's just me to answer to on a daily basis. :)


Oh my, I am sorry about your son. That is worrisome.
Your button find is amazing, buttons are soothing. I love sorting buttons.
Your cupboard is pretty. Glass knobs make me happy!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Hope your son recovers quickly. Love the image of buttons everywhere though. Like there's something wrong with that!

Lisa W.

A perfect cupboard.... and perfect place to stash buttons perhaps ? I hope your son has all ten fingers working again very soon.


Good grief...let me at him...taking a swing...for the love! Don't even get me started on unappreciated. I find myself putting my lovelies aside way too often. That is an amazing IKEA-esque piece.

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