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November 08, 2012


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Ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch! That's just too much pain for one week. Good thing you are not allergic to wasps. We have yellow jackets that like to come down our fireplace. I'm so afraid they are going to sting one of the boys. Haven't seen any this week, but I'm sure with the brief warm-up this weekend they'll be back.


I'll lend you a shoulder any time! Love the ornaments and love the jadite decor even more.


OMG! I would be dying! I feel very bad for you! The only thing is I covet your kitchen! Try to keep your mind and heart on those indents which, in that quantity, would ease my pain at least for a few hours. Hope everything heals quickly!!


Miss B....when it rains it really rains at your house...I am so sorry. Put that sweet doggie on the couch and curl up. I have fallen in love with running (under stress you will do very inhumane things) however, I tore both my patellas and am in horrible pain...I am on the bike now...dang it! But it does happen...forty five things in a row, no? Have you asked your husband to remove the bullseye you are apparently sporting? I do that a lot. Love your shineys....smiles..Renee

Kim Kenward

My goodness. May your weekend be a pain-free, stress-free one...if that's possible!!

Peggy Jennings of Gramma's Linen Closet

Ouch! When I'm feeling "down and out" I have a fantasy that I'm driving down a rural highway, and there, outside of an old farmhouse, I see a sign that reads: "Barn Full of Old Stuff We Bought in the 1940s and Never Opened or Used. Free! You Haul!"

I wish you that reality. Unless you live within 100 miles of me.


Goodness gracious! Wishing you a speedy recovery. What was the Universe thinking?!? Surely it knew this was a big Etsy listing week!


Sounds terrible. So sorry. Watch your video of that little Santa going down the pole whenever you need a pick-me-up!


sounds like fun. not. I could send a sick kid to add to the joy?


Oh No! That's an insane number of injuries for one week. I hope everyone's rush to purchase your beautiful ornaments will ease the pain just a little.


Oh dear! Did you really put yourself through all this just so you wouldn't have to cook on Thanksgiving?
Really though I hope you have a speedy recovery, I'm not sure which of your injuries is the worst but the wasp in your pant leg made me shiver.

Into Vintage

I believe this is the first I've ever heard of an indoor, winter wasp sting. At the very least, I hope gazing upon all those vintage ornaments bring you a small dose of comfort.

My dining room has also been off limits for some time now; long enough that it really shouldn't be called a dining room any more.

Lisa W.

Holy smokes Barbara ! Poor you !! Well, at least you got all of your bad luck out of the way. Yep ... it comes in threes.... except you had 4, hurt foot,burn,shot,wasp. Yes, I think that you are due for some really good luck now. Feel better soon !

laurie magpie ethel

Sympathy from me. My mom always gives me a "poor sweet baby". You certainly have had the mishaps this week...enough is enough!


ouch! that's like insult on top of injury on top of affront on top of abuse! the abuse would be the flu shot because those buggers can make you sore! which you know, obviously.
sorry my dear, you definately deserve some sympathy.


Oh Barbara, OUCH, I feel for you. It's definitely wise to take a hiatus from cooking under those circumstances.
Hope all is healed soon.

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