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November 30, 2012


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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

This is the epitome of vintage Christmas, and no one will EVER EVER find anything as wonderful as this. EVER! Thank you for making that video, because just explaining it could not do it justice. Bravo Barbara!


Oh my my my!!!! I agree, that is MOST excellent. Thank you for the video. I swooned while watching.


That is the most awesome thing ever. Treasure it.


Oh for goodness sakes! What a find. My thrift stores never have anything to brag about. So cute!

Jenny G.

Wow. Thanks for the video- now I have yet another thing to hope to find, but I never seem to be as lucky as you in the Christmas decoration department... Too fun!

Jenny Sellars

OMG!! That IS the best. Yes, just retire now, you're done. All your thrifting mojo was used up on that one!! hehehe!


The video was such a bonus!! Good eye my friend. This little treasure is in good hands at the Oodles household.

Kim Kenward

Seriously amazing. My six year old would like me to create this. Not possible. Your are one lucky lady.


How cute! Never saw one like it either. I'm surprised someone parted with it.

Poppy K

That is indeed awesome.

laurie magpie ethel

Never seen anything like that. Great find (but truthfully I don't think you will retire from thrifting)


Oh that is so sweet and wonderful. A definite keeper. The pup here heard the music box and came running up to the computer.

Lavender Dreams

That really is an amazing find! I thought of you today when I went to the old thrift store near my house. The Christmas stuff looked very picked over until I saw a white styrofoam cooler on the bottom shelf. It was filled with old Christmas balls. I probably should have taken the whole thing to the check out but I dug through and got what I wanted. 5 cents each and my bill was almost $2. I walked out a happy thrifter! heehee! It made my day! And seeing your little snow scene makes me feel even better!


So neat!! Such a treasure! Happy weekend! xo Heather


Amazing! Now I have the itch to get out to the thrift...Smiles..Renee


It is a treasure. Thank you for sharing the video.


Oh my, it is darling...never saw anything like that before. That would be a Christmas favorite for me.


I think this is from the 1950s. There is one on Etsy right now with an angel selling for $25. Cool find! They made the best Christmas stuff in Japan. Now everything is made in China.


Man, don't things like this just make you so grateful for stupid people who have no idea what cool is and give these things away!! I can only hope they never figure it out.

Lisa W.

You have found the Holy Grail of bottle brush trees ! I have never, EVER seen one like this before. What a find ! Good for you !

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