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November 11, 2012


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Into Vintage

A public service announcement and a giveaway? Toss in the date for the 3rd Annual Academy of Vintage Christmas Ornament Arts and Sciences Awards and I'm never leaving your blog.

Why is everything so cute when it's tiny?

Carrie aka Junque Magnet

I'm exhausted just reading all you accomplished. My ornaments remain hoarded in the basement. Every year I swear I will get them listed...one of these days. As for me, I never conquer my mountain of laundry. Never. Go rest. You must be tired from being all kinds of proactive and responsible!!! You are putting us slacker Junkers to shame!!

Kim Kenward

You know I'm smitten with anything that's miniature! Love your pics. Total eye candy! Now that the last of our Halloween party decorations are officially put away, I can start playing in the craft room again.


Guess someone is feeling better! Love the miniatures..those little food packages are so sweet!


I am making a note to myself on how nice the refrigerator looks without a to-do list hanging from it. Glad to hear your energetic voice back in action.

JoAnne McPHerson

I'm loving the furniture. They coyote experience doesn't sound so great! I'm wondering, is your son sleeping in the dining room? Ha ha ha!


I'm exhausted just READING your list. And I love the use of 'real' knitting or tatting or crocheting with the plastic furniture. I love seeing everything you get into!!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Your list has exhausted me. Must go eat more cookies to build up strength. PS Love crochet doily afghan.


I adore your miniatures and love how you have made them look so homey. And the tiny food boxes are to die for. Drawing???


drawing..did someone say drawing?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I feel utterly lazy after reading all that you've been up to! I hope you were able to fit in a piping hot cup of Cocomalt along with some baked beans on a Ritz cracker!


I have almost the same list of laundry, coupons and cleaning!! NONE of mine say done!! hehehe! But I am commenting!! YAY!


I have a few of the pieces you've shown. They belonged to my aunt who was born in 1943.


Drool ~ done
Swoon ~ done
Turn green with envy ~ done
Experience overload of cuteness ~ done
Want to move into any of the above rooms ~ done.
Covet that little telephone ~ almost done. Okay, I remember "thou shalt not covet", but I was mighty tempted.

Seriously Barbara, you find the hands down cutest things ever! Charming post!!

Jenny G.

Getting all of that accomplished sounds lovely. I was away dealing with family medical issues, so on top of being jealous of that cute dollhouse buffet above, I wish I had gotten as much done as you did.


Good golly, I didn't get nearly so much accomplished. I was too busy resting up for typing comments. Bring it. 8+)
(love your little furniture!)

Mitzi Curi

What a wonderful world of little furniture you've put together! You have a knack for photographing small things....

laurie magpie ethel

I wish I had as many dones as you do...I have way to many things yet to do!
I did identify with two on your list...I need to clear out the kids rooms of inventory before they come home...or else.
I also saw a coyote this a.m. in our neighborhood! Running down the street at 6:30 a.m....was quite a surprise!


Great job on getting items done on your list! Also, LOVE the mini furniture!

C :) '94


Great Post! I wish I had that many items checked off my list...

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