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November 15, 2012


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Oh, wow! I love that site! The Bookworm was my favorite. Thanks for introducing us.


Ooh..will I be skinny and tall like that too....smiles..Renee

Lavender Dreams

I would be thrilled to win! I love this wonderful company and their jewelry, too! This is one that I like...Livia Pearl Necklace! Thanks!


I can honestly say that was a very nice introduction to a site I knew nothing about. I'm going to say that they cape cod skirt would be most welcome in my wardrobe, but then I looked at accessories and was blown away. My favorite is the Arvin bootie, but mostly I was blown away by how reasonably priced everything is. Not super cheap, but totally reasonable. Love that!

Mary Ann

I like the Gracie earrings. Very nice.


Oooh. I like the "new" 1943 collection. Especial "Cooper" and "Ingrid". And I would look exactly like the lovely girl in the photo. I really can believe that!

I've ordered from them before. Love the classic looks!

Sue H.

bye bye polar bear boots are ADORABLE!


Poppy K

What a great site! I love the cute dresses that all seem like they would look good on real women. I'd pick the Aintree dress because I have a pair of boots like the model is wearing and it would be a cute and different way to wear them. I 'liked' Oodles & Oodles a long time ago and definitely 'liked' Shabby Apple!

Jenny Sellars

I LOVE the "Manage Director" in the plus size line. The blue is my favorite color!

JoAnne McPHerson

Great site that I was unfamiliar with. Probably because of my three years in Hawaii, I was drawn to the South Seas collection--especially the Waimea dress. Then I looked at the jewelry. Now I'm drooling! Thanks for the giveaway!


Iloved the Be Mine Valentine necklace. I would wear that quite happily.

Cindy Is Crafty

I love, love, love the Bezel Wrapped Aquamarine Bracelet. So pretty!


I had to look at the jewelry, too! Love the Bianca bracelet. Thanks for pointing us to Shabby Apple and for giving us a chance to win something!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Boy, was that ever hard. So many nice things to drool over! If I have to narrow it down to just one thing, I'd say that I'm pretty smitten with that Honey Bee Necklace!

Ashley C

I adore the Da Vinci dress!


Ashley C

I already like Shabby Apple on fb :)


Jayme L.

I love the retro look of the Red Fir dress. The color is just right for winter.


I need a pair of boots for a trip to Europe this Christmas, so I picked the Arvin boots. They are described as a 'chic traveler's dream.'


Everything is so amazing at Shabby Apple! But since I love all things nautical I will have to say the Admiral dress under the Set Sail collection is to die for!


Well, Shabby Apple isn't too shabby! What neat clothes. I didn't know they still made stuff like that.

Hands down, the 1943 collection had me at hello. The jitterbug especially. But what person in their right mind could choose between the streetcar skirt and that?

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