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November 25, 2012


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ummm you cannot leave me hanging like that. unacceptable.


The santa hutch is a big hit! Looking forward to the putz subdivision reveal and tree shortening episode.

So far, I have vintage deer figurines in my wool forest. Maybe some vintage birds will make their way from the basement today? Only if they bring the mini santa mugs.


It looks wonderful, thank you for sharing the photos. I got some of my decorations down from the loft yesterday to find the mice had eaten some of my vintage paper lanterns and half of santa's velvet coat so I am very fed up. Hope to see another photo of your tree in all its glory.
Hen x

Into Vintage

Is shortening a tree while decorated similar to moving a china cabinet without emptying it first? Just a wild guess and definitely not based on any sort of personal experience. Really hoping 'no harm done' applies to your tree.


Your Santa display looks so festive and I like the clock in there. When days at the office move slowly at this time of year we like to say that Santy Claus is running behind at the toy factory and has his time-decelerator turned on.

Kim Kenward

Your Santa hutch is amazing. I will keep coming back to visit.


Christmas is sweeter because of your blog. Fills me with love and awe for your stuff.


Hm...to marvel at the jolly man is to be so happy...mine are in bins and all over the house....There will be time to do this this week. Right? I will keep in mind my favorite line...No worries...if I say it enough it might just sink in...smiles..Renee


Such Christmas sweetness! Your collection is so lovely!! ;) xo Heather

Account Deleted

Isn't this week after Thanksgiving such a nice one? I love the relaxed feeling of it, and I love your decorating as usual. It sure does help to have alot of open shelving when you collect things, doesn't it? I've started gathering together a few things, but I'm still in a quandry as to what direction to go with them.

You have snow! Oh boy!


laurie magpie ethel

Well you were behind on both Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating, but certainly right on top of Christmas. Love all your friendly Santas. My holiday is still in bins...waiting.


you must have the most beautiful tree in the world with all of your ornaments! love your santas, but the nodding deer i would kill for!!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Always look forward to seeing your Santa display. And thanks for leaving out the gory details of the tree shortening. My imagination is doing a good enough job!

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