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December 02, 2012


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Lisa W.

Thanks for sharing the eye candy !!

Kim Kenward

Oh my goodness. Seriously fabulous tablecloths. That little dark-haired angel is just darling.


Lovely! I like how they jumped to the top of the laundry pile. : )


Wash, rinse and repeat. I love that part. Yes, I know that is sick...
Good peepers!

Into Vintage

I'd like to know what's a higher laundry priority than vintage Christmas tablecloths? The only thing I could come up with were vintage Christmas tea towels.


That's it...I am getting out today. I bet you money I will find a single shiny brits and said Santa figure...from my four stops. Smiles..Renee

Peggy Jennings of Gramma's Linen Closet

Wow! How great that the metallic accents are still there and haven't been washed away in the "wash, rinse, repeats" over the ages! I've also been hunting Christmas napkins--most people don't use cloth napkins much any more (although I do!), but they'll break them out for the family holiday dinners.


Very funny! I have a cousin who can spot an orange clearance tag in any store at 150 yards. Pays to shop with those kind of eyes!

Linda @ A La Carte

Great eyes! Love the tablecloths!

hugs, Linda


You've got a keen eye there girl. Love Christmas fabric and linen. transports me back to childhood.


Your a stitch B - funny, funny, funny. It only works for me if I Windex my glasses before I go out LOL...great haul

Mitzi Curi

Oooh, I need to have an eye exam soon! Thanks for the reminder! I hope my insurance covers it....


These are gorgeous!! Love them all!! xo Heather


Wow I didn't know how easy it was to get your eyes checked Im going tomorrow !!! :) E

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