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December 17, 2012


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The author of this blog made these cookies for me and
I can say that they are very, very delicious.
Thank you Barbara!

laurie magpie ethel

Bill you are a very lucky fellow, my mouth is watering just looking at those cookies. My mom makes them, but I have never attempted them. Perhaps I need to hunt down a spritz press at the next estate sale or borrow my moms....

JoAnne McPHerson

I was going to add that for the perfect spritz, you must use the old zinc/copper press with the screw handle that you twist yourself! I totally agree with the cookie sheet. If it is "greasy" or warm, the cookies won't cling the little bit that is necessary to make them.


You know, these are my favorite. My mother makes them perfectly. I guess I should learn how, but she'll have to hand over the press.


Your cookies look wonderful, and your tips are great. I also make these every year with a Mirro press I purchased at the Goodwill 40 years ago, and I've also burned, dropped, and sworn at the cookies and the old press. For me, it's all about the rhythm and, although I've gotten better over the years, I have never been able to make a batch without screwing up a few.

One thing I have changed since our kitchen remodel -- now I press the cookies onto the granite counter and then transfer them to the baking sheet with a spatula. There's more room to press, and I can place the cookies closer together on the sheet which means less time baking (and swearing).

Emily and I like to tint our tree dough green, and add a tiny yellow sugar star to the top, but it's hard to find those stars anymore, so I usually have to order them from the UK.


I have to make the trees green to make them like my mom did.

Mary Kay Andrews

I tried making those cookies as a newlywed and failed miserably. The cookie press is not my friend!

julie thompson

I am making cookies this weekend and will follow your tips. I trust your science completely!

Into Vintage

Several years ago I received a vintage NIB cookie press -- at least that's what I think it is. The box calls it a 'cookie-chef trigger quick' and to me it looks exactly like a caulking gun. All the little discs are there including the tree so I think I'll be doing some baking, oodles-style, this week.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Amy beat me to it!

My mom has always baked these cookies, for at least my entire life. She had one of those old metal guns, then got seduced by the newfangled plastic ones, and got rid of her old one. Never have I seen my mom more frustrated than when using the new gun.

So I got sick of hearing her bitch over the new one, and one day while making a GW run, I found an old metal Cookie Chef, in the original box with discs. It even has a cookie thickness dial.

Tonight she used it for the first time, and she couldn't have been more thrilled that they all came out perfectly......and all is right with the cookie world once more........and they lived happily ever after........


Oh my, these look so yummy!! And, I love that sweet tablecloth peeking through! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!! xo Heather


My Mom used to make them. I would like to make them but need a Spritz Cookie machine - something to put on my thrift store wish list!

Kim k.

You've convinced me I need to get a press. They look delightful. I have fond memories of these cookies growing up.


Your spriz cookies look great!

I use those same baking tips when I make cut-out sugar cookies. If the dough gets too warm either from sitting out or sitting on a too-warm cookie sheet, they just do not hold their shape.


I felt the same way on Sunday and actually baked cookies for probably the first time in about 15 years. After the kids were grown and gone I just stopped because my husband and I absolutely do not need a pile of cookies sitting on the kitchen counter!
My neighbor used to make the best Spritz cookies and she gave me the recipe years ago. I think I tried it exactly ONE time and it is possible I may have actually thrown the cookie press on the floor at one point...
Kudos to you for your tenacity!

Poppy K

Thanks for the recipe! My mom used to make these every Christmas but unfortunately most of her recipes couldn't be found when she passed away. You cookies look just like hers did and I'm going to take her cookie press and give them a try this weekend.


Mom and I used to make these every Christmas-but the kind that look like furrowed strips that are cut on a diagonal. One secret is to put the dough in bowl in the fridge for a few minutes if it gets too sticky soft. I'd make some this year, but would eat too many!


I'm drooling (and counting calories LOL) just looking at them....I think a very good thing to do this sad weekend....


Merry Spritzmas! These look great!

Mitzi Curi

Your photos make the cookies jump right off the computer screen! I can almost taste them from here. If I ever decide to try spritz cookies, I will refer to your recipe for sure!

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