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December 28, 2012


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If I had all that goodness to look at I'd leave it up all year !! Happy New Year, Elaine

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh my word, a little piece of Heaven, enveloped in all that Jadeite green....*Sigh*


I cannot even pick a favorite thing in these pictures. Your jadite collection is just stunning. I love the mix of jadite green and Christmas red. It looks so fresh and festive.
Excuse me while I go throw away everything in my kitchen and start over....

JoAnnn Bayne

Oh what lovely photos - You and I seem to have a lot of the same dishes and same taste in decorating/entertaining. I just found your blog and I'm off to see more - thanks.

laurie magpie ethel

I love your kitchen. The jadeite green and red are just darling and I would love to stop by for a visit...of course I would lose the power of speech as I took it all in tho. Super NOEL figures.


Your kitchen looks very homey, warm and inviting. What a perfect place to spend just sipping hot chocolate in those adorable Santa mugs.


Why didn't I think of that? Maybe I'll bring treats to the post office workers in hopes of timely and better service!

Your table is beautiful and I always enjoy your vignettes. Might I suggest another use for miniature santa mugs? Put them in a clear glass container with colorful glass ornaments with their little faces looking out. You may not want to use your best ornaments for this, but it is cute with newer, less important ornaments as well.

Kim K.

Oh my goodness. I could just sit and stare at your lovely jadite and Christmas decorations for hours. What a warm and inviting home. You really have the BEST vintage goodies. I'm not ready for Christmas to end. The thought of packing it all up, makes me want to run in another direction.

Wishing you a blessed New Years!

Nancy Grossnickle

You have the best taste in everything! Your pics just make me want to start collecting Jadeite. I just love your kitchen of green walls with white. Please keep entertaining us with your vintage collections. We all like to drool of them.



just beautiful!! i know what you mean about setting the table-i love using all of the dishes, etc. i've collected over the years. i love that silverware box! your house looks great!


Wow, with such a beautifully decorated kitchen, I would be praying the holiday never ended! Your postal workers are one lucky bunch, too. ;)
Those brownies look delish!

Lisa W.

I wish that I worked at your post office ! Your kitchen looks adorable ... and your food scrumptious ! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year Barbara !


I am quite sure you have the nicest post office staff...ours is less than desirable. Please tell me why you have to get your passport there and not the dmv. Anyhow, your home looks lovely...wishing you a very happy new year....smiles..Renee

Linda Ruthie

Everything is picture perfect. It's a vintage Christmas dream kitchen. Thanks for sharing.
Wishing you all the best in the New Year.


Absolutely gorgeous! I am working on my Jadeite collection. Yours is one to mimic! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and New Year! :)


your jadeite collection is amazing!


Oh my goodness, I just found my dream dishes in your beautiful kitchen!!! I have been mulling for a couple years now what dishes to begin collecting in earnest as my daily set, and green is my favorite color, but I had never seen dishes like these before. According to the comments, it is Jadeite, right? Is there any particular maker of it that is your collection? I'm assuming they are vintage? You can't even begin to imagine how excited I am to have found these dishes, your set is beautiful and one I will definitely have to begin searching for! I literally just saved all these pics of your collection to my computer under "Dream Dishes". So gorgeous.

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