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December 11, 2012


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You are beyond talented! I am going to pin this post so that I have a list just in case I decide that I am crafy enough to complete this project.

Happy Holidays,


Kim Kenward

Ok. Now, I need a putz barn. I even have miniature farm animals I could "borrow" from Josie's stash! Darling!


Such nice craftsmanship! Your village is super cute!


it looks great! it really fits right in.

Sheryl Remy

I never ever saw a barn. Your barn is wonderful. I wouldn't be able to resist had more animals.


I've sat here speechless not knowing what to write...not just because you built a barn but because you built a beautiful barn! It is so lovely and looks perfect in your village. I don't think I could ever build anything that nice but you can bet your jingle bells I am going to be glittering some farm animals sometime soon.


Ha! I would have had to take twice as long...kid you not I am slower than molasses in January when it comes to paper crafts...I love the speed of my sewing machine...smiles..Renee


Love your barn. Next, maybe a schoolhouse. Do you think you might possibly go crazy and your Putz village would take over an entire room?



Oh My goodness that is just too cute! Love love love it * your stories always make me smile :) Merry Christmas to you!


Simply beautiful!! I adore the barn that you made!! So sweet!! xo Heather


Hi there, I've been reading your blog for four year (yes 4) and have never left a comment. Measuring my day by the NPR schedule is something I thought only I did. Now I know I'm not alone! Also, the barn is lovely! :)

Account Deleted

Oh my goodness! I love your barn, Barbara.
You are so talented, and it is always a pleasure to see your wonderful displays.


Excellent job! You are so creative and talented. Is there a distelfink on that barn? Chew Mailpouch?

Lisa W.

LOVE It ... No surprises there ! Thanks for sharing Barbara ! Oh and we are on the NPR schedule over here as well.

Mitzi Curi

They don't make taverns, do they? My husband is from Kenosha, Wisconsin. There's a tavern/bar on every corner....


how cute, great job. l love putz also and i have tried to make buildings, yours is perfect.


Barn raising! So cute. I know what you mean about how long it takes to make just one. Some of my Putz-like creations were recently posted on another blog along with other readers creations (retro renovation). The thing is that I now want to make an entire Smallville!


Oh, my, that's all I can say! So cute!


Fabulous barn, and a perfect addition to the village. You should make more to sell...well, next year anyway!

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