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December 01, 2012


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Kim Kenward

Swoon...you really do find the best vintage Christmas treasures.


I'm so happy to see someone else having good vintage Christmas luck at the thrift stores. It just makes me keep going back!

Happy Holidays,



Love everything you found. You could always put that wreath in your store - it would be a good base for more decorations for sure!


Hello, My name is Amanda. I found your blog by chance and have been enjoying reading everything starting from the beginning. I am an estate sale/auction junkie of everything vintage. I am amazed by the christmas items you find, I don't have such luck. Though with a 2 year old its not as easy to treasure hunt like I did before he arrived. I am from pittsburgh so I feel a connection to you somehow. I look forward to more wonderful posts, and I think you have started a new obsession for me, Jadite! I never really looked at it before and now I can't wait to get my first piece.


I, too, shop at a thrift where at least a couple of the clerks recognize and appreciate vintage. Luckily, they are NOT the ones who do the pricing!

lauire magpie ethel

I can't believe the luck you have at the thrifts. I may live in the land of spun heads, but you live in the land of good thrifts. Seriously...you get the goodies!


Those cards would make a great background for a little shadow box with the deer and maybe a little tree! Great finds! karen...

Into Vintage

So thrilled that my 'authority' has yielded results for you. (Even more thrilled to learn I have authority.)

If you could just tell me how to wield it here in my neck of the woods, I would be forever grateful as I found only one lone tree topper this morning ... you are truly a vintage Christmas magnet!

Lisa W.

Wonderful Christmas finds and I agree that Santa looks much better out of the bag !


you are definitely getting me into the spirit! and may i say that i love, love, love that blue ornament with the deer and the tree...my new thrifting goal!


Hm...buying a tree for one single ornament...I've never done that...no! Ha! Love all your purchase and I am ever so happy Santa can breathe now. Smiles..Renee


Wonderful finds! I have never found any vintage Christmas at my thrift stores. Maybe I'll get lucky someday though... I'll keep looking!

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