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December 23, 2012


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Have you seen these adorable scrabble tiles? I thought of you when I saw them


Hrrumph - while the christmas bears and I were appreciateive (bears don't spell well) of the front seat, AND quite bedazzled by bright lights and glitters we do have a thing about snowmen (one bear mentioned they do not taste good at all, and the bear next to me said that they make poor companions in July). The bird did, however did get a second look and some nods of approval. Another bear mistook the pinkie for another finger being shown him as he sat in the front row (did you not hear the sound of growling that occurred). Fortunately we were not escorted out. The bears were pleased about the announcement for next year's academy (its like adding a new category to the Grammies - best Rap/Punk/New Age Artist). But now I have to deal with a year of all of them jockying to be nominated...LOL. Thanks so much B - we were all very amused :)


hahaha! your tree is so perfectly decorated, it looks like a cartoon tree or something. i mean that in a good way, of course! i would say that my favorite (after being initially a bit repulsed by it :)) is the snowman in sparkly cage. a winner for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merry christmas!

Beth Leintz

Every year the awards just keep getting better and better! Congrats to all!


Fantastic...I must whole heartedly agree that pink is the new black. Definitely going with the most sentimental ornament. I do hope you all had a wonderful happy holiday and I am already looking forward to next years...right after some coffee and many sleeps...Smiles..Renee

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I kinda thought there was something screwy about those snowmen! Thank you for finally seating me in the front row, because it made it that much easier to see that each winner was very deserving of the honor. Oh, and the founder's tree is truly spectacular!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh those rogue snowmen....someone's always trying to get their 15 minutes.....

Loved the AVOCADO ceremonies as always. Could have run long, and I would still be oohing and ahhing. You and Magpie Ethel could easily have a kitschy competition!

Your tree and home couldn't be more picture perfect. Makes me smile....:)


Your Chrismtas tree is the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen! Not to mention, your kitchen.


Got to see the televised rebroadcast of the ceremony and it was just as exciting as live. I can't imagine how you can top this, but knowing you, you will!

Lavender Dreams

I am stopping by again to look and marvel at these special ornaments. I still think the Shiny Brite is my favorite...I may have said that ever year but it's still the truth! heehee! I love the Merry Christmas ball and the most sparkly...I better stop there or I'll list them all! Thanks for the fun! It's one of my favorite posts of the year! Hugs!

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