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January 06, 2013


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Lisa W.

Now that's just too cute .... both the ribbons and (especially ) your cat ! What's up with that little black chin and the black dot at the bottom of that pink nose !? I think that you may be in danger of "adorable" overload at your house between your pets and your stuff !


Great photos. Cute kitty!

Kim K.

Awwwww...so sweet.


It's nice to know your interests are diverse and life isn't just about puppy dogs.


So neat! And I love your kitty with a beard! Mine has half a mustache and half a beard. It seems to give them so much personality!

Linda @ A La Carte

I love these ribbons! Your sweet girl choose a perfect ribbon of course. I think my 'boys' would choose something most handsome! LOL!

hugs, Linda


So, so cute!! Such a sweet kitty you have!! Happy New Year and Monday! xo Heather

Into Vintage

What a sweetie! Hope she's healthy & well these days -- she looks great!


Aw the kitty deserves that sweet award!


Hello! By the luckiest of chances I discovered your blog on Pinterest, and now your wonderful blog. Your country home is so beautiful, especially in the snow!
In going back through my pins, I noticed that it was all YOUR photos that filled my inspiration board, and wanted to make sure this is okay with you. I now see you have a Pinterest, and I look forward to visiting your boards.
Elizabeth, Creative Breathing


Aw! A true winner.

Mitzi Curi

I'm not sure I would have noticed that "eyelet" on the ribbon. Isn't that amazing? Things made long ago were so well done! And your cat certainly deserves her award!

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