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January 06, 2013


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Maybe you could print these gorgeous photos and turn them into Christmas cards and make the house earn it's keep! Seriously beautiful.
I think that big house and sweet shed look like a dream come true but I understand exactly what you mean. I wish my house sould just take a deep breath and puff itself up by about 1000 square feet and then I remember I would have to heat all that space and clean all that space and there would be even more square feet or hardwoods in desperate need of refinishing and a bigger roof to replace and on and on...


It looks like my dream house! :)


That pic of your house is like a Christmas card. Like was said, I'd use any of the 3! Seeing your beautiful wintery palace makes me think of all your trinkets and treasures inside and how wonderful they all seem! Almost anything looks better when it is snowcovered!


I am so glad that you are one of those people who actually appreciate the snow, even when you get it often! Where I live, all we ever get is a lot of rain. Blah. You won't find me at the end of my driveway taking a photo of my house in the pouring rain! Such beautiful photos. I am so jealous.


Into Vintage

Beautiful!! And I imagine it must be just as beautiful with leaves on all of those pretty trees. Despite the challenges brought by decades of weather and wear, I love a vintage home.

Kim K.

Simply beautiful. It's an old fashioned winter. The perfect kind...

laurie mapgie ethel

That snow just makes it look magical! Wish we could get something like that this year...oh and that inheritance from a unknown relative would be nice too.


Yeah as long as your not the one to shovel the drive LOL. I think we are all in line for that inheritance - I am in the process of trying to decide whether or not to sell and keep thinking "if only I had extra money stashed away some where, sigh"...


I love your house. That is the setting and age of a home I've always dreamed of!


Oh, so much snow! We recently moved to the mountains, and the days it did snow were just sprinkles really, but we were so excited. Your pictures are just beautiful. I love your vintage hoosier and all your pretty jadite and red things. Your home is just lovely!


Gorgeous! I live in a snowless (nearly rainless, too) part of the country and I love snow. I grew up in the Midwest and oh, I loved it when it snowed and everything was frosted & sparkly...it really did "cover a multitude of sins"! :) I heard recently that my hometown hasn't had snow in 360 days! That worries me along with all the other changing climate things. Enjoy it!


Your house looks so much like mine, with the exception of the snow (& the color)!! Is your home a Sears Home? I would love to send you a pix of mine so we could compare!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hi Barbara! Just catching up with you, and I'm so thrilled to see a picture of your home. I don't think you've ever shared one before. It's SO beautiful, and just the type of house I would picture you living in! How old is it?

I would have to agree that snow makes everything prettier! Wish we would get some.....

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