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February 13, 2013


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Aww, sorry you have so many health issues to handle with your beloved pets! Enjoy the time you have with them. I certainly will stop complaining that I have to give our nearly 13 year old dog pills twice a day! She is on prozac and a bladder control pill. Please don't judge her! :)

Those corsages!?!?! Did I need to know they are no longer available? I love those little chicks, I had one on my Easter basket every year and I'm so partial to them.


So sorry that Polly is not well. Glad she has made some improvement though. Sending healthy thoughts to all your animals.


Hi -

Just wanted to say God bless you and your love for your "ailing" (way we talk in the south) animals - we had a cat that lived to 18 years - a little weird at the end (kept going to the door -expecting weather change) but she was our baby for the entire time - came to our house as a small kitty enjoy your blog a lot


That's how it goes B. Having gone through with Gwendoline last year I am just grateful I had the time with her and made the right decision when the time came. Animals are wonderful and mysterious in how they can change from day to day. Take care my friend. J

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Polly looks pretty happy and healthy and I hope she continues in that direction. Love the look on her face at that dog's impertinence! I had a 20-year old girl who was quite frail but I never had to do all that you are dealing with!

And those cute corsages! Yes, they were probably priced too low but you did achieve your purpose and they sold quickly, so good for you! Although I have to admit while I was reading I thought for sure they disappeared because Polly ate them! And then I thought Carson ate them! So at least they didn't get eaten!

Mary Scott

God bless you for being such a wonderful parent. I had a rescue kitty until his 21st birthday when he finally succumbed to kidney disease after about 3 years; the last yr & 1/2 with sub-q fluids & special diet; had to keep him separate from the other pets when I was at work so they would not eat his food & vice versa. But it was worth all the expense & time. Your Polly is a beautiful kitty. And 14 years is a good life for a cat. I lost another at age 14 to end-stage asthma - there was nothing they could do for him.


Those corsages are gorgeous, and I can see why they flew off the shelf so quickly!! Good for you!! So sorry to hear about Polly! She is a sweet kitty! Hope she gets better soon! xo Heather

Mary Rickles

Love your Polly's determination! My cat Rebel, who lived to age 12, used to love to sleep on my head too. Your blog is just terrifc!

Kris Saia

Sending good vibes to Polly and the rest of your pack. Not just pets, members of the family, and we do what we can to keep them happy and comfortable for as long as we can. Bless your heart for taking such good care of your's. (PS: your blog makes me laugh every.single.day. Keep writing!)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Our cat Mimi Lucy, God rest her soul, would lay on my head when I had a migraine. Our new cat, Cupcake, doesn't like to be held. Cats are so weird, making us feel grateful for the attention they give us!
It's plain to see that Polly, Carson and Patch Oodles are much loved. Wishing them all good health!

Hope G

awww...bless. Polly is a lovely little lady and I am happy she feeling better.

Shelley Germann

Glad to hear Polly is feeling better. That picture cracked me up!


Congratulations on the sale of your corsages, they are adorable and, yes, I think those exact same two thoughts!
You are a good woman to take such good care of your pets and I think it shows!

Lisa W.

We have a diabetic cat as well .... she went into kidney failure last November ( before she was diagnosed with the diabetes. ) She was off and on at the vets for weeks getting medicines , had a feeding tube most of the time and fluid shots under her skin. She could not even walk and we thought that she was not going to make it ... but the vet said hang on. She is now able to run around the house , jump on the bed , eat well with 2 insulin shots a day ... plus iv fluids under the skin ( via needle and iv bag ) once a day. It is a ton of work getting the shots and multiple feedings in ... but we are managing it and she is doing very well ! I would not have thought it possible ... they really were not sure that she would recover the use of her legs. Well she sure did ! We also have a number of other pets with various health issues - so I know what you are going through ! Our cat is 14 like yours so hang in there Barbara ... sometimes they can surprise you ! Fingers crossed for Polly, Carson and all the rest of you !


awww, poor pets! we have a diabetic kitty too, but she's greatly improved i think due to her new diet. you are good to take such good care of everybody-it's hard when they get old! they put you through hell, but it's worth every minute :)

Mitzi Curi

First and foremost, I feel sympathy for you and your sick animal companions. I hope they have more time left in your loving home!

With those fuzzy chicks, I have fond memories of picking out my favorite one from a cardboard display at the Five and Dime. I always wanted a blue or purple one.

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