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March 17, 2013


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You clearly do not need my advice. LOL


Great Job! How do you want to quilt it? And you are right, you do make the time. I tend to make the time my priority!

Pat Elkovitch

LOVE it! I'll give you lots of quilting advice!

Jewels Oman

LOL - my advise on the quilting part - find a friend with a long arm that can do it for you - that's just the lazy in me talking...


WOW! I love your quilt. All the fabrics are perfect. You did a gorgeous job.


Beautiful! I can't offer quilting advice but I will cheer you on!!

laurie magpie ethel

I am not one of those friends that falls in the quilty category for help, but you certainly did a magnificent job on the top!

Lisa W.

You did a wonderful job ! I love it !


Gorgeous, drooling over all those fabrics. Enjoy the quilting bit (piecing is my fave).
Hen x


I'm so glad you've taken the time to do this for yourself! Fantastic fabrics.


So beautiful! I am awestruck by the block with the red polka dots and the red and aqua flowers. Show stopping combination!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Job well done, Barbara!

Into Vintage

Quilting is in the air, I think! What a thrill to have created such pretty place to see so many of your feedsack prints. Really beautiful!!

I'll just hover in the background to see what advice you receive since I have none to offer due to extreme lack of quilting experience. (other than admiring them)


You must be very proud of yourself, because this quilt is gorgeous! I love the way you combined the prints, and it's just so exciting to see one of my blog friends become a quilter (especially a quilter who enjoys using vintage fabrics). Well done!


Oh, it is gorgeous!! Such beautiful colors and I love the pattern!! Great job!! xo Heather


beautiful!!! i love the fabrics, especially that one in the second photo with the little red, blue and yellow flowers! sweet, sweet ,sweet! can't wait to see the finished product!


It looks fabulous! Love the bowtie blocks!

Jenny G.

So very cute! The fabrics are wonderful, and very nice piecing. I might just quilt it simply to showcase the fabrics- maybe stitch-in-the-ditch between the blocks, with a single diagonal line though the middles of all of the bows? How ever you do it, it will be great! I hope you post pics when it all done.

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