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March 24, 2013


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Beautiful spring colors and something from brain to hands to finished - yay!

Lisa W.

You need to do a coffee table book on design with lots of your beautiful color photos in it .... you've got such a good eye . No kidding. I'd buy it !

Kim Kenward

Love the Easter photo shoot. Your quilt is the perfect backdrop.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You're so quilty lately, and I'm loving it! I'm hoping my cat will behave as well as that bunny when I try to put some rabbit ears on her later.....

Jenny G.

All cute little bunnies should probably have quilts, especially after seeing how cute yours looks- nice work!


Oh, such a beautiful and sweet quilt!! Love all the cuties with the quilt, too!! xo Heather


Love that quilt! Still life with knitted chick is my favorite...you make pretty things!


How cute are those things! Great photos.

Into Vintage

I have to wonder who came up with the idea of knitting a chick? No doubt there's a hand knit barnyard out there somewhere.

Still life 'Quilt in a drawer' speaks to me.

Mitzi Curi

I love your quilt colors, and those little knit duckies are so cute! Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Jewels Oman

I'm with the chilly bunny LOL.....lovely little quilt B. Your parcel arrived - thanks. And appreciated the comment you left :),,,,, Cheers, J

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