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April 14, 2013


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Kim Kenward

You did good! Can't ever get enough vintage Christmas. That mechanical Santa has me very curious. Love the vintage doll dress and wedding bell. Seriously amazing score on the floral frogs. Bring on the quilts!!


That was a stellar weekend in estate-sale land! I am still drooling over the pitcher and glasses that go perfectly with the pyrex in the background. That must have been one cute kitchen! Love the name "Weeping Water" Nebraska, too.

Maria (Magia Mia)

"Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant"........

Thank you. That song is now stuck in my head...:)


Oh, what sweet finds!! Love the sampler and adorable dress!! The quilts are so sweet, too! Have a lovely week! xo Heather


Wow, it is hard to believe people have kept so many vintage treasures. I've really enjoyed looking. I love your floral frogs! I have a small collection.

Let's see cute!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh Oh lots of great goodies! Love the flower frogs and that spiral one is way cool. The linens and of course that Pyrex is gorgeous.

hugs, Linda


Ah! What a haul. I have a friend that collects floral frogs also. Very interesting!

I arrange flowers alot, but have never used a floral frog. I should try them out sometime.

laurie magpie ethel

Looking forward to your christmas action figure video. I can see what you are smitten with the rain gauge...and from Weeping Water...what a name!

I will share my porcupine story too, since I don't talk about them much on my blog either. As a kid we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska and were out camping with my family. Our dog Bummer wandered off and when she returned she had porcupine quills that had embedded in her nose! She must have startled one and it sprayed those needles out at her. We had to remove them with a pair of pliers..they stick in pretty well. My mom still has the quills in a container.


What a tease. I want to see that quilt with the clock embroidery first. I never like to wait for pleasure.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've found that even though those flower frogs hurt like heck when you drop one and it ends up sorta impaling your bare foot, they look pretty darn fantastic in a gardening collection! Oh, and I can't wait to see some pretty cute quilts!

Lisa W.

Do you love Nebraska because of the quilt museum in Lincoln ? Just guessing here. Great stuff by the way !


wow! you are like a flower frog rock star now aren't you? seriously all those fabulous finds are making me want to run to the nearest sale, except that I can't right now. darn you carpel tunnel surgery! I couldn't comment on your fabulous post a couple days back, but those pinwheels!!!! They made me squeal they are soooooo CUTE~!!! I'm pretty sure the cat will come down from the ceiling someday.

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