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April 06, 2013


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I LOVE your embroidery hoop-framed fabrics! I want to do that, too.
I have so many fabrics (remnants, etc.) that actually make me happy when I look at them.
Yours look fabulous.


Great way to "show your colors"!!


It is funny to hear the buzz about town about all the Yankees coming and driving on our roads. Is this 2013?


ha, i was scrolling through thinking geee, those are familiar!

Jewels Oman

LOL well done B - but don't count out MI!


I prefer blue & maize! :)

Mitzi Curi

What a lovely way to display your colors! And it's good to see that all members of the family have team spirit!


well, i'm not sports-y, but i do LOVE those chickens!


rut roh! :(

But who am I to say a gosh darn thing, as our Connecticut Huskies aren't even IN IT!

ps: love my knitted chickens, thank you


Those would make a really cool wall art display!

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