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April 26, 2013


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Kim Kenward

How cute are those spun head angels with bell bodies!


I love the trees!

Melissa's Antiques

Yard sales are terrifying. And sometimes extremely disappointing.

Jenny G.

Scary! But those trees in the first photo make it all a little bit worth-while!


A gun-hunter and a bigot, not a great start to a day and glad you made it home safely with some loot to show for the effort!

Lisa W.

More scary adventures from the shopping- for -vintage -treasures front !! Geeez ! At least you found some goodies !


Too Funny! We've got our share of odd-balls here too. Yesterday I went to an Estate Sale and the Craigs List ad was something like "alot of collectible elephants included in the sale". Seriously, I wish I had taken a photo because there was nothing short of THOUSANDS of elephants. Figurines, Piggy Banks, Stuffed, Plastic, Photos, Posters. It was an elephant-lovers paradise. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them, but I did pick up a few cuties to sell. I was in the basement "rec room" for a while, which housed about 3/4 of the little pachyderms, and everytime someone came down the stairs it was "OH MY GAWD" or HOLY SMOKES! Too Funny!

Have a great weekend, hope you find more treasure :)

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it's all beautiful.


Such sweetness!! Love it all!! xo Heather

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