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May 06, 2013


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Things got worshed in my house, too! Once, my family took a trip to Worshington D.C. My kids find it all very amusing. When I'm feeling nostalgic, I ask my kids to worsh their hands, but it is a lot less charming when I say it than when they hear it from my dad. :)


Great story and I got a good laugh out of "worshing" because I worsh the clothes even though I was born in Worshington. No clue. My mother grew up in Iowa and my father in the Dakotas but somewhere along the line they picked up that dialect and passed it along to me. I get teased about it ALL the time at the office!!


Tina and Kathy, thank you for reminding me of Worshington!


You tell the best stories! You get a perfect 10, too. All of us in Northern Illinois worsh our clothes, too! I wish I could go to auctions like what you find. You had a perfect 10 day that day and I bet you did some skipping all the way back to your car! I love your blog, my favorite one.


That sounds like so much fun and those feedsacks are gorgeous! I like your rating system too! A perfect 10, the thing us vintage lovers dream about...

laurie magpie ethel

Glad the aprons have returned and that they started off the season with a 10 apron auction! Sounds like a wonderful day and a bonus with PIE. (you know that Amy and I are partial to pie after our Round Top trip...would have loved to have been there with you eating a slice)


Oh my, jealousy just doesn't describe it well enough! Those feedsacks are so beautiful and it sounds like an all round awesome (as my son would say) experience. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to remember this story, I know. X

Kim Kenward

Yippee for the return of the apron ratings. Those feedsacks are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the blow by blow with us all. A great way to start my morning.


That is my kind of auction for sure :) Looks like u got some beauties, too!

PS: This is the first time I've seen you apron icon rating system . . . . LOVE IT :)

Have a wonderful day!


I was wondering what happened to the aprons. I missed them. LOL.

Melissa's Antiques

This auction sounds exactly like my great aunt's that we had in April. She had lived in the same farm house all of her 97 years. She saved everything. And family members were bidding against each other for the smallest things.

And PS - those feedsacks are beautiful!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Your auctions always sound amazing! I would love to tag along to Pennsylvania one of these days. I promise I wouldn't bid on any feedsacks, although you might have to help me carry a typewriter or two.


We just returned from a week of traveling through Beautiful PA farmland, I wondered with each great old place what kinds of goodies were being stored in the attics. Now I know! And it is better than I even imagined! Those feed sacks are lovely. We started by visiting Cooperstown, the farmland around there is pretty as well.


I love this post, as well as all of the others. it gives me a little boost every time i read and look at the pictures! is there any chance you could put some of the inside of the feedsack idea booklet on the blog?


Such a fun post!! Love all those gorgeous feedsacks!!! xo Heather


Oh I LOVE your blog and all your STUFF! I'm laughing about the man saying "worsh" because I'm an old lady from central Pennsylvania. My Mom used a wringer washer and double wrench tubs. Yes, "wrench" tubs, you know, to 'rinse' the clothes! We do talk funny, don't we! I enjoy what you do, because it reminds me of myself. I'm at the other end, now, trying to make part with it all, and it's hard, let me tell you.

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