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May 05, 2013


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Into Vintage

I love that your idea of fun is an auction! And feedsacks not to mention the most fun of all (to me, that is), vintage Christmas. Sounds like the perfect adventure.

Amanda DiGregorio

Love the feedsack! Looks like it would have been a fun auction.


You always find the sweetest things!! And, those feed sacks!! So gorgeous and that would definitely be worth the trip for me, too!! xo Heather

Kim Kenward

I see a gurly Indian candle in your stash of lovely holiday decor. That's on my wish list!!You did well at this auction. Good for you.

Peggy Jennings of Gramma's Linen Closet

Gosh, I am DROOLING over the feedsacks!
However, are you finding that the market online (Ebay and Etsy) has gone noticeably soft for feedsack? Last summer, I was getting astonishing prices for feedsack, and now, many of mine are going "unwatched" and un-sold. Doesn't stop me from loving them, but it has changed how much I'm willing to pay for them.


Good Lord my keyboard is wet from drooling. WOO!!!!


Yikes! More feedsacks? You must have been on cloud 9. I went to a sale this weekend and bought a boat load of vintage fabric. There may even be some feedsacks in there. I don't know how to sew but I am inspired now. It's never too late to learn!



Yay for adventure!!! Glad yours turned out to be awesome and crazy fruitful!

Jenny G.

That is a amazing haul! Pretty much all of the things I look for at sales all at one time- I'm so jealous! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think that little bird pot might be it.


Sewing notions and Jadite and that yellow birdie and the little pick basket and and and... Good golly girl, you rocked it!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

WOW, there's been alot going on over at Casa Oodles! Looks like you've got jadeite and pretty glasses coming out of your ears and feedsacks up to the rafters. Inspires me to consider going out of my 10-mile comfort zone and head for greener junking pastures!

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