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June 07, 2013


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HeHe! I sold a huge lot of random, incomplete, hot iron transfers the other day. Maybe that is what your quilter was doing - using up leftovers. Neat how doing them all in red just pulled it all together so it looks great. A clever crafter!


Oh, I love that cake tin!! So pretty and I don't see to many black ones!! I will have to keep my eye out! The redwork quilt is gorgeous!! I wonder what thread they used so it did run. I used some red thread and it sadly left a reddish hint around. Anyways, great finds and wishing you a happy weekend!! xo Heather

Musings from Kim K.

Your cake tin is fantastic. What a sweet quilt. I'm a sucker for gurley candles anyday. Glad you are back up and running with the computer.

Beth Leintz

Barb, We are so much alike (but you probably already knew that). I think of yard sales as a last resort, too. Finding a good one can be like a needle in a haystack.

And, I have done the same thing with my computer. Pulled out all the cables to reboot the internet and it took days for me to figure out what slots to plug them back into. Couldn't they number them or something?


Yeah, I'm not much of a yard saler either. I typically spend a lot of time driving and wasting gas with very little reward. I only stop at them if I have time and drive past it now.
You got lucky this time though! Love the cake tin and pin. And the quilt...oh my gosh that quilt is fabulous! Your wavering is understandable!


Three cheers for those computer guys! Oh how I'd love to have their expertise.
Once again you have found some wonderful things. That quilt is a treasure and the cake tin is gorgeous! Will you be wearing the pin whilst whipping up a cake to place i the tin? :)


You have to keep the quilt! It's beautiful. And so whimsical with its randomness.

Linda @ A La Carte

For yard sales you did pretty darn well. Love that quilt...I mean red and white and random cuteness..a keeper for sure.


I rarely find Pyrex at yard sales but when I do, I am giddy for quite a while. That mushroom is great. I actually found two for my sister in a grab bag at Goodwill during the holidays last year. They are the same mushroom, minus the cute anthropomorphic face. Are yours marked Made in Sweden?


laurie magpie ethel

Glad the yard sales yielded some treasures...that is my last resort as well. Usually when I hit them, I am reminded why I hate them so since the pickings are so slim. Candleholder...love!
At least you had the sense to unplug all the computer stuff, but truthfully why the heck are so many cords involved for one machine? It is rocket science to reconnect - I think they should color code where the go.


Not bad for "slumming it".

The red and white quilt is charming.

Jenny G.

I am in love with that mushroom. I love mushrooms with faces, and snag them whenever I can. Lucky you!

Lisa W.

Well , you would not find that stuff at my local sales . They are so bad ! I think that you did very well ....truly Great quilt !

Mitzi Curi

The randomness of yard sale finds....it's funny to see what you end up with! I love that little mushroom! What a cute face....


Great finds! I love the cake carrier and the little mushroom. And red work is always a favorite. I say KEEP IT. (but I'm a bad influence when it comes to hoarding vintage treasures.)

Shelley Germann

I am glad you weathered the storms unscathed. Your computer hiccup sounds like one of my stories! As for the quilt, I think you have the right idea. You can always sell it. Hold onto it until you find something better.

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