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July 21, 2013


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You're right, those lollipop holders are just barely on this side of creepy. : ) I've never seen anything like them.
Glad you had a productive weekend, even though it wasn't filled with much treasure.
Those flower pictures are fabulous! I bet your garden is... ok. ; )


I can admit that wallpaper is cute, okay very cute but after spending days upon days of ripping down wallpaper in this house I say my compliment through clenched teeth. We had a similar weekend around here, love all your blooms and hope your garden continues to do so- so. I don't miss the heat!


You didn't get skunked on the junk and you sound as contented as your garden looks so I would call it a good weekend!
Albino sucker holders. I vote creepy.

Musings from Kim K.

Gorgeous hosta blooms and your butterfly looks very content. I'm glad the heat dome is gone too. I always look forward to your weekend finds. Lollipop holders are fun, even if they are a bit creepy. I'm a sucker for vintage holiday decor.


Creepy or not, those lollipop holders are hard to find around here so they would have definitely come home with me!

Glad your heat wave is over. Ours is still going strong. We are headed to San Francisco this weekend so we will get a little break at least. 70 degrees in July? Crazy!


Mary W

Good finds. The lollipop holders are cool. Your flowers are beautiful.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm so happy that I can play outside again after the big heatwave, that unbelievably I really don't care that much about junk right now. Except for the little pink cottage on that wallpaper. Now THAT'S adorable and in no way creepy!

Lisa W.

I'm crazy for that wallpaper and your garden flowers are so beautiful ! O.K .... about the lollipop Valentine people .... I have never seen them before .... they are interesting ( and a teeny bit scary/creepy ) but in the best possible way ! Thanks for sharing - as always !

Mary Ann

I absolutely love hosta flowers and so do the bees. I'm not sure why they are so under-appreciated. Yours are gorgeous.

Sandra H-J

I would love a little heat action, here where I am in Northern Minnesota it only hit low 50's for the highs today and yesterday it was only the upper 40's....along with drizzle and rain.....not good for actually last two weeks. So I enjoy your flowers and wild life, and hostas are a favorite of mine.


Your garden is beautiful! Those hostas would not last long here with our pesky deer! I think we are getting your cooler temps this year, thanks for sharing!


Are you sure those are lollipop holders? I think they are Halloween candy holders. Scary! The wallpaper is charming, and the flowers are lovely.


Your hostas and coneflowers are absolutely beautiful. I grow both of them here, too. Some of the large hostas have a beautiful sweet scent to them that is really appealing. My niece collects those ivy plates. I think they are so pretty!

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