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July 29, 2013


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Kim k.

I nearly fell over with all your Halloween. I dream of such finds. I bow to you!!


THANK you for diagnosing my symptoms!
Is their a program I can enter... SAD(2) Anonymous ~ perhaps??


Vintage Halloween is really rare in my part of the country so I was happy to get to look at what you found:-)

I too suffer from SAD(2). So happy to finally have a diagnosis!


Linda @ A La Carte

As a SAD(2) suffer I must say I've been fighting the disease lately since I have a lack of storage space. So I'm into 'hanging on to all I have with all my might'!!


The 'stuff' is beautiful. Lovely,sweet and enchanting. It is wonderful.

I really get the SAD. I really get it. I haven't had that, ever. I have 8 children and never had baby blues. But going through menopause has been a kick in the pants. No hotflashes but my SAD type moods have been something new and horrific for me. I will wake up and not know what is the problem and it just goes on until it lifts. I can't even really talk about it without breaking out in blubbery tears. I support and understand you.


Wow, what a great find on the Christmas tree ornaments!! :-) There is a very fine line between needing something and realizing you have way too much stuff, isn't there. Sigh.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Aw, witty as always. Just the right post to read with my morning coffee. We Oregonians also feel your SAD pain...

You and Magpie Ethel would have been wrestling to the ground over those decorations!


Spoken like the Junking Goddess you are! And until today I didn't even know I liked bow ties. I kind of wish I still didn't know.


Oh, sweet Christmas goodies, and love all the Halloween treasures!! The party favors and plates are great!! xo Heather


Great finds! I love the bow ties, are there any that aren't clip on?


I'm so glad you were able to get some relief! In Colorado we typically don't worry to much about SAD, but I'm definitely going through SAD(2)! Not enough stuff!
I'm so jealous of all your great holiday decorations! And the bow ties - too cute!

Into Vintage

I'm SAD because I haven't had that Really Big Vintage Christmas score yet this year. SO sad.

But happy for you!


Love, love the vintage Halloween except the creepy candy box (looks handmade?). Vintage Halloween is so rare! I seen reproductions all the time but not the real things. Great find! And, let us know when you have another "sale." I missed last year's.

The Shiny Brites looks like they are in good shape!


I too suffer from (SAD)2...and scored 6 boxes of awesome shiny brites this weekend....for .25 CENTS PER BOX! I almost hyperventilated right there in the Holy Name gymnasium. God bless the rummage sale.

Would LOVE to see a pic of your linen closet, I'm sure it's filled with amazing treasures.


Goodness! All those goodies at CLOSE sale, at a GREAT price and then time to ORGANIZE, too? What a marvelous day! I love all the Christmas and even the Halloween (though it's not my thing)...
Sales here in Michigan have been so disappointing this season. I'm ready to get out all my vintage ornament stash and start sorting and playing with them, just to cheer myself up.
Great finds!


I love how the snowman in the top photo and the witch on the right of the third photo both are holding brooms. Maybe they will sweep each other off their feet. Can't be sad with such corny thoughts!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

Whoa! I've yet to find even ONE box of Shiny Brites! what is wrong with people up here on the Palouse???

Have fun!

Karen Young

Love it and now I have a name for my disorder. I must say you scored some great stuff, I'm green with envy.


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm so confused. But at least I know I'm not alone. I've got 12 apple boxes full of stuff sitting in my dining room that I'm waiting to unburden myself with at our garage sale. Too Much Junk. And yet I too am a SAD(2) sufferer, so I still want more junk! I think you've just started a support group, Barbara. So what time are the meetings? I'll bring the cookies! ;o)


the snowman is so sweet, and i love the die cut witch!!!!!

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