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August 18, 2013


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Maria (Magia Mia)

Awesome finds! Love the decals.

Sounds like a hoot hanging with Sue & Gina. Wish I'd been there...:)

Musings from Kim K.

Love that canister! That toy iron would go well with in my laundry room. Good for you!


looks like a great haul! We made a trip up there from Connecticut and had a ball! Lotsa vintage treasure, and priced right for sure. Need to get back to my blogging and post the goods! :)

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I need to see those 29 boxes! Still digging out from under the Bouckville purchases. But looking forward to next year!


29 boxes. Insert string of curse words here. LOL

Jessie @ Messyjesse

fabulous finds! need to see more :)



I just got tons of bridge tally cards and some Norman Rockwell playing cards with a winter scene. I hope to use them as tags for the second annual Holiday Shop I'm doing this fall with some friends.


Love the decals! I haven't seen that particular pattern before. Thanks for making all of us over on the west coast green with envy:-)



Well done you! Oh the decals...


Love those decals! I haven't had a lot of luck trying to use the vintage ones so need to try Laurie's (Ethel) method of spraying them with clear finish first. Do you do anything special to keep them from falling apart?


Impressive! Och, that Irish linen is bonnie...


That Irish linen is begging to be put on some kind of fabulous manly chair! It's awesome!
Glad you guys had a good time. One of these days I'm going to get up there to that show...one of these days.

Mitzi Curi

29 boxes of ornies? That's awesome! You will be selling like crazy on Etsy this fall....


Those decals are so pretty and love the Santa!! xo Heather

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The little red-roofed cottage on that tally is so charming! And pie for breakfast sounds like the perfect way to start the junking day!


I zoomed right in on the red roofed cottage in the countryside..I love those kinds of graphics.


mmmm, i would like me some pie right this very minute! great scores!


I want to be your friend so badly, and go to these sales, and visit your house and look at stuff and just maybe even be like you! That would be cool!

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