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August 14, 2013


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Musings from Kim K.

Seriously. The Christmas fun never ends!


Sooooooooooo JEALOUS!!!!


I'm jealous too! Last year I was making ornament wreaths and I would be lucky to find 10 vintage ornaments at a sale! It would take 80 - 125 for the wreath!
Lucky girl! what are you gonna do with them?
Thanks for sharing! karen....

Melissa's Antiques

Green with envy over here!

Into Vintage

Between you and Gina, I too am turning green with envy. Dark green.


Doesn't it kind of amaze you that the world doesn't run out of the stuff we each look for??


pretty, pretty!!! xo Heather

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

There they are! I could have been in that booth for days. Oh wait, I was! ;)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage

I wish that was my same old same old! Ha! ♥

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