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August 14, 2013


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I love the transformation! They are too cute!


I just love the little bisque girl. I am glad you rescued her. All she needed was love.

JoAnne McPherson

Oh my goodness! I love what you did, especially for poor Little Red Riding Hood. I love her patriotic transformation!!! (I always found that story to be more than creepy..)


Oh my goodness, "Red" looked like a gonner and she turned out adorable!
I have never been a doll person, not even as a child, but find myself drawn to them lately. I'm not sure i would have been able to see the potential in Red but absolutely would have rescued the little beach babe. Well done!


Awesome finds I love the dolls!!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm glad you rescue them. I can't leave tattered dolls behind either. Your gals are quite lovely now.


You made them so much less scary! Super super cute!!!

Jewels Welsh

So am I B - Sweet!


amazing transformation on red riding hood. she was a bit creepy with those zombie eyes at first! maybe you are the doll whisperer :)


How cute..especially the Bisque bathing beauty..do I see a tiny bunny on her suit? I have rescued a few dirty, neglected dolls before and was amazed how cute they really were once the grime & filthy clothes were off.

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