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September 08, 2013


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Monday... drag myself back to the office...
Tuesday... What's up with a Tuesday anyway, it doesn't start the week, it isn't the middle, what's the point....
Wednesday... halfway, we might make it...
Thursday... Friday Eve, Woo Hoo!
Friday... finally!!!


It's never gonna happen, but I wish I were organized enough to have a particular chore done on the same day each week. Oh well . . . one thing I think I could do (and had never thought of before) is use some of my vintage DOW transfers to make a sweet little coverlet like yours.

Musings from Kim K.

So sweet!


I have never seen anything like that! Too cute. I'm pretty sure it would give my family some good ideas. Hey Mom, it's Saturday and the blanket says you have to bake a cake. HA!

Have a great week~



Tablecloth maybe? How big is it? She also could have used it as a curtain with rings?


That's super cool! I've never seen one like that before. I wonder if she pieced it together from separate patterns...


This is so sweet! I've never seen them all in one before.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What would a more updated version of one of these look like? I think SATURDAY would be a little embroidered "me", pulling all kinds of junk from FRIDAY'S garage sales out of my van that had to stay hidden until the Mr went to work!


Oh, I love it!! So sweet!! xo Heather

Mitzi Curi

That's so charming! My mom tells me that doing laundry was quite an ordeal back in her childhood. It was a three day affair....and they actually ironed sheets back then. Can you imagine???

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