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September 06, 2013


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Musings from Kim K.

Fabulous goodies...as always. Brilliant of you to use a golf tee for the missing beak. I have a collection of log cabins. That is definitely a keeper. I never ever find any vintage Halloween. Lucky you.


Frolicking sailors makes me think of the Portland Rose Festival and Fleet Week - haha! I checked and it is not possible to have too much Jadite. Or buttons. It is, however, possible to have more than your fair share. Just saying. 8+)

Melissa's Antiques

bring back the ratings! This day totally deserved one! :)

laurie magpie ethel

You did wayyyyy better than me today. Love that pink fabric with the sailors..they just don't make fabric the same anymore! Smitten with that bird game too (one of those needs to cross my path).

Beth Leintz

Great finds- I would have bought every last one of them too- especially those velvet flowers- and I can't believe you found jadite measuring cups. I haven't seen those in YEARS.


Such a neat game and love those feed sacks!! And, the cards are so beautiful! Happy weekend! xo Heather


Really great haul!

Are those flowers going in the etsy shop? My daughter wears things like that in her hair - a vintage Victorian style. Must be all those trips to the thrift store as a child that warped her. Not complaining! :)


Forget the sailors - girls with pigtails! Sammi lets the babysitter braid her hair, but not me. Sniff.


I love little boys in sailor outfits! When my twin boys were toddlers (now 11, I put them in navy and white sailor outfits for Easter and their spring portraits. I will never, ever part with those outfits.


That game is super cool! And the buttons in a button tin, I'm jealous.
I found one of those Jadeite flower plates a few weeks ago. So pretty!

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