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October 06, 2013


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HeHe - all set for a Flinstone Christmas!

Jewels Welsh

Wow what a great haul B - worth the wait - so will the Elf show up in this years Awards ceremony? LOL


It was worth staying for! My auction haul this weekend pales in comparison.
Love the stone age historical reference, made me lol!


Wow, that typewriter is so neat!! And, what awesome other goodies your brought home!! Enjoy these treasures!! xo Heather


Auctions can be really hard to sit through but I agree with that by the end of the day, things that would go for sometimes 10 times as much go dirt cheap. Case in point...I bought the same vintage pink cake carrier that my BFF bought at a show for $35 for $5! I had to wait 7 hours but it was so worth it. So happy to see all the vintage Christmas. It found the perfect home.


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

"In for a penny, in for a pound". I bet my husband wishes he had a nickel for every time I say that one! Love all of your winnings, and it's more proof that I need to get myself to an auction one of these days!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm in awe at your haul. Love it all!!

Melissa's Antiques

That's my favorite part of the auction too. That's why I always stay til the very end. This past Saturday I won an entire table of old medicine bottles for a buck. Can't beat that.

Lavender Dreams

I see some pixies and deer! What great finds my friend! I'm loving the 'new' doll house and barn, too! Wish I was there to tag along with you! Sweet hugs!


Coming to your blog, is like living out my fantasy. I had rather read your tales of auctions, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales more than...well just about anything! Only thing better would be if I could shadow you!


I love EVERYTHING you got (except, I'm afraid, the Liberace Elf). What a great auction!

Shelley Germann

Holy Buckets! You really did well towards the end! I absolutely love mystery boxes and these were really worth it. I'm a little surprised that quilt wasn't over your son's head...the Steelers are killing me this year!


ooooooooooo-the quilt!!!

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