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October 21, 2013


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Well, I am just totally impressed that you decorate for Halloween because I just don't have it in me to switch it out for each holiday!!

laurie magpie ethel

You got the Halloween up! Super festive and love the idea of corralling stuff in boxes! Germs and zombies huh? Cat cart and party favors are awesome!

Lisa W.

It all looks a treat !! I so look forward to your holiday displays every year ! Oh and I don't blow into my party favor roll out things either ( my mom must have read the same emergency germ alert / medical fact sheet your mom did. )

kim k

Love the displays. Everything looks so festive and using boxes adds a fun touch. I spy lots of goodies that would like to visit my house.


What a great idea to display everything together in one box. I just may have to try that next year!



Love all your decorations and sweet touches everywhere! And, your vintage quilt is gorgeous! xo Heather

Melissa's Antiques

Great displays!

Mitzi Curi

I love the idea of little displays in boxes....so clever!

Sandra H-J

As always I love your decorations, and i also am going to try corraling some in little containers. Regarding germs, I was brought up to be careful about germs too, but that beIng said, I am oppositional, so I would blow on the party horns, and I have been know to eat food i've dropped beyond the 5 second rule, in some pretty questionable locations, and I don't get sick. You have to keep your immune system working :-) although I do have limits.


i love all your boxes, and halloween decorations of course! for some reason i've been buying boxes at the flea markets this summer-can't get enough of them!

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