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October 09, 2013


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Jenny G.

Those are just amazing! They are in such lovely condition! I am playing with my own recent find lately- a couple of small weaving looms. Right now I'm in love with my 1950s Weave-It loom. So much fun!


Lace-on paper doll clothes and Colorforms. Big sigh. I want to come over and play.

Musings from Kim K.

Oh my goodness. I'm in love with it all. Vintage toys are my ultimate weakness. They are all in such terrific condition. Those charms are fantastic too! I still have a few of my colorforms from the 70s. They kept my sister and I busy on long car rides. I definitely want to come over and play too!

Jewels Welsh

Wow wow wow B - you do find the coolest stuff - and it is in GREAT shape. Love those charms - very cool

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

YES, I loved Colorforms when I was little, and I've actually been hoping to find the Cinderella one I had! Please tell me that you are going to keep that bead kit, because I can only imagine that you will NEVER see another one again. It's definitely something to keep and pull out from time to time and ooh and aah over those sweet illustrations !


Awesome finds! :)

julie thompson

I did have Colorforms. I can't remember which ones now but I know I would recognize if I ever saw them again (I even love the name Colorforms...so cool!)

Transport Pets

I love playing paper dolls when i was still a child :)

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These are great collections. I love it!

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