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November 14, 2013


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Shelley Germann

Grandma's know best! It's really beautiful. Plus, it's so nice to have something blooming this time of year!


Beautiful! I don't even remember what color the blooms are on my christmas cactus! The plant is large and glorious, though. My friend in Florida kept hers hanging on the front porch all summer and it was as big as a fern and bloomed every year...I think I see a pattern here!

laurie magpie ethel

Grandmother does know best. My father in law just sent pictures of his Christmas cactus to us yesterday and his is blooming too. Nice smile of color.

Musings from Kim K.

Grandmother's really do know best. My grandmother had a HUGE Christmas cactus. My mother now has it in her house. I really don't want to inherit someday. Too much pressure to keep it going. It's gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful blooms.


Your plant bloomed beautifully! That purple color is so vibrant.
Grandma's do tend to always know best...it's just uncanny sometimes!


Beautiful Christmas Cactus!! I have a couple and they really do thrive on neglect. I water mine in the Summer, but very sparingly. When the buds start I step it up and they usually bloom from now all the way into February and sometimes March. I have also found they like to be pot-bound so don't get in any hurry to give it a bigger home. I did that once and it stopped blooming. I put in back in the small pot and it started again. Go figure!


Somebody must have heard me talking because today I found multiple blooms on my cactus! Hurray!


Grandma had great advice.
I do basically the same thing with my Christmas cactus and always have good results. I did a post about it recently. Mine is the same color as yours. I know it won't be blooming at Christmastime, but it's so beautiful now that I don't care when it blooms.

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