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November 13, 2013


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What a nice colleague!!

Melissa's Antiques

It saddens me to think how many of these beauties get thrown away.


What a piece of luck that she was able to rescue them for you!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

A whole box of vintage ornaments shattering in a garbage truck is not a sound that anyone should have to hear. Bless your colleague for saving them!!!

laurie magpie ethel

Great rescue! I looked at that last photo after you mentioned snow and at first it was a GIANT showball!

Musings from Kim K.

I want colleagues like that! Goodie for you! Sounds like the perfect day with a cozy fire and dinner waiting.


Take that colleague to lunch? Or perhaps a lunch gift card would be more appropriate? ;)


Sounds like a wonderfully dreamy day...

JoAnn Sugg

I am new to your site and wondered if you ever sold any of the ornaments? I have just started collecting and am eager to get my collection going.

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