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December 23, 2013


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I knew my front center seat would pay off!

"Hand-Painted Ornaments from Poland Sweep Awards!" is exactly what I was thinking just prior to this comment. I should have had a hint at the previews where the box of pink polands premiered. Of course the Shiny Brite is my favorite.

Beth Leintz

I look forward to the awards every year. I heard Neil Patrick Harris is angling to host next year....

Lavender Dreams

I'm going over these again and again! I always marvel at the wonderful vintage ornies you have every year. My fav? The Santa...all handpainted and perfect! Merry Christmas my friend!


That uber-fragile indent is my personal favorite and, for the record, The Founder's sense of humor is a hit again this year!


*clap* *clap* *clap*

Great awards show this year. Where's my gift bag full of vintage Christmas items to take home?

I have a few of those really, really far back indented ornaments and they scare me too. I had one fatality this year. If I had a photo you could add it to the "Departed in 2013" film reel during your award show.

Merry Christmas!

laurie magpie ethel

Love the awards and the sleighs lined up with the guests is brilliant! Am glad the last ornament survived the mishap with the foot...phew!
Partial to best flower...
Merry Christmas and happy day

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I wholeheartedly agree with all of the judges choices. But there's just something special about that glittery white one that almost bit the dust that has my vote this year. Reminds me of those old tree skirts I think. Oh, and I simply MUST get my hands on a copy of Twinkle!


Hilarious as always!!! And I agree with the Lifetime Achievement, though I'm partial to stripey ones….

Linda @ A La Carte

Bravo! Again the most wonderful of awards shows! My fav this year (and as always its a hard decision) would have to be the bird ornament! Love the hand painted little bird. I'll be driving my own pink party sleigh with care as I leave the show!

Musings from Kim K.

Bravo, bravo! I look forward to your witty dialogue as much as your fantastic ornaments. Another wonderful award show. I have to say, it's a tie for me between the raised cherries and the mushrooms. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


I look forward to these awards every year. *snaps your photo with a bright flash in your face*


Congratulations to the sparkly winner! I was rooting for Hand-Painted Flower ornament but am still pleased with the judges' final decision.


vintage grey

So fun!! Love them all!! Merry Christmas! xo Heather

Melissa's Antiques

This is one of my favorite posts you do around the holidays! The addition of the "arrival" pictures is awesome :)


I see a snowman behind Big Pink Santa -- it had me a little worried that those pesky snowmen might start twerking or do something else to take over the show again this year. I guess BPS laid down the law. The Academy made some excellent choices this year.

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