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January 01, 2014


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He is apparently a genius, wow. Congrats to both of you and happy new year.


Oh you lucky girl - a guy who "gets" you. You better lock him away in a treasure box!!

laurie magpie ethel

That man is a keeper.
Happy 2014.


Wow...he won so many brownie points with those gifts. Nice job hubby!
Happy New Year!!!


Oh, your husband WAS listening. Those are very nice.

Now I need start a garden club just so we can have club buttons. Those are awesome!


I love it when my husband surprises me with something that I wanted. It's nice to know that sometimes they actually do pay attention to our senseless rambling about our love of good junk. Your husband did awesome. Any kind of Jadeite is the perfect gift!

Happy New Year!!


Linda @ A La Carte

What great gifts! I love it when the Mr gets us and our vintage tastes. Last yr I got my Pink Princess Phone, awesome gift!!


The fact he was with you at an estate sale says it all. I think your blog is about the best ever. You are the me I wish I could be. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing with all of us who follow you!


Sweet, sweet blog update! Way to go, Mr. Oodles and way to go, Barbara for choosing wisely!

Melissa's Antiques

What a great hubby!

Sue G

How sweet....thanks for sharing this lovely story!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Mr Oodles done gooood.....Happy New Year!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Now to me, THIS is romantic! Other women can have their diamonds. Give me a man who listens AND buys jadeite! I almost cried when my husband and I were in an antique mall and he asked me if a Halloween die cut was a Beistle and whether some plates were Fire King. The things men can learn when they read their wife's blog.....

Musings from Kim K.

I totally agree with everyone else. Your hubby is a sweetheart. I can't wait to see what finds are in store for 2014! Happy New Year!


Mr. OOdles gifts are unbelievable!


This is such a sweet post. It made my day!

Poppy K

I have a funny grease jar story. A couple of years ago my husband and I had Thanksgiving dinner at my his sister's house and she sent us home with a nice platter of leftovers. A few days later I heated up the leftovers including the jar of gravy she had packed (I assume you can see where this is going). When we were finished with our meal I mentioned the coincidence of how the gravy jar was very similar to our grease jar in the fridge and my husband got a funny look on his face. Yes, I had made grease gravy. Thankfully the grease in our jar wasn't too old and strangely neither of us got ill. To this day my husband draws a skull and crossbones on the lid of our grease jar so I don't make the same mistake twice. Ew.


Great gift!!

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