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January 05, 2014


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Pixie Vintage

I think that is my favorite color combination for a kitchen, and the cabinet is beautiful. Love all the Jadeite!


I love the redecorating you have done. I think we might be iced-in today, so perhaps I can get the Christmas down at least. I'd love to work a little magic like you have in your home. Thanks for the inspiration.


Your charming kitchen is sure to keep your mind off the frightful weather. I love what you have done. That little baby buggy is adorable!
Happy New Year to you.


I call it delightful and love all the Jadite!!

Musings from Kim K.

We're in one of those scary wind chill areas with another day home from our schools. I'm always in love with your sweet kitchen vignettes. Love the mix of vintage toys...especially that baby buggy.

Carol Ingenthron

Ok, I'm inspired! I've been dragging my feet and putting off the 'big take down'! It's sunny today but bone-chilling....wind chill of 30-40 BELOW ZERO! Yikes! Good day to take down all my Xmas beauties. I will miss them!

vintage grey

All so very beautiful and sweet! You brought a smile to my face with all your treasures and love the colors!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather


So pretty to look at on this very gray day! Happy New Year!


Love love the red and green. Your hutch always makes me excited to see what you have.

laurie magpie ethel

All white outside and cozy colorful inside? Digging the swanky swig with the original label..that was a find! Stay warm and safe.


It's very pretty and cheerful! My Christmas is still up! I will start working on it after today!

Happy New Year!


i love your kitchen so much! what is that little shelf you have your swanky swigs on? I love the size!

Mitzi Curi

I think red and "jadite" green make the best vintage color combo! Your kitchen is just lovely....

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've been trapped inside because of the sub-zero temps, so this is exactly what I've been doing! Thanks for sharing that swig in it's natural state, because I just realized I've never seen one before until now. And I adore your kitchen no matter what season/holiday it is!


You are just killing me with all of that vintage red. So jealous.

Lisa W.

Your decor is warm and inviting .... just right to cure those after the holiday blues ! Thanks for sharing !


Looks lovely! I love seeing it all. Red and green are my favorite colors!

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