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February 05, 2014


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love those sweet fabrics, and i think it just don't matter :)

laurie magpie ethel

Only you could describe ironing as recreational. Glad you had a productive snowy day!
(I like bow direction)


Very cute! My husband does his own ironing so the only ironing I do is my own personal irong and for sewing projects.

I think he does his own ironing because he thinks he irons better than I do. Surely not! I'm not complaining!

vintage grey

These are so pretty! I like the spools, but the bows would be cute! xo Heather

Beth Leintz

Recreational ironing! I totally get it. There's huge satisfaction in turning a wrinkled mess into a pretty bow tie or spool.

Mitzi Curi

I love them, and found something similar recently too. I think they look like bows!


I wholeheartedly believe in ironing as recreation--well put! And, to me, they're spools.


Can you put some bows and some spools? Either way, they are cute but I think the bows are a little bit better.


I love a little recreational ironing now and then!

Spools, definitely spools!


Yes on the ironing, especially when it is lovely fabric like that. I like the spools, too!

Melissa's Antiques

"recreational ironing" - wow you had me laughing out loud. I sell a lot of vintage linens and I will say ironing is my LEAST favorite part!

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