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February 01, 2014


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Right after you posted on facebook about your etsy problem with the lower offer someone sent one to me. I took your advice and promptly declined that business! Thanks for the advance notice. LOL

Musings from Kim K.

I'm completely smitten with your spice containers. You really did well with this last sale. Estate sale land has completely dried up around me. I'm blaming it on our winter weather.


Puttering with Pyrex seems like a Pretty Pleasant day! Love those spice jars.


I can imagine how quickly a Saturday would pass if spent with Pyrex. Love your pieces. I had no idea the same people that attend my sales attend yours, too.

vintage grey

Love the spice containers! Sounds like a lovely Saturday you had! xo Heather


love me a good day with pyrex, or any other vintage goods for that matter! I too cannot wait for the season to start up again! :)

Melissa's Antiques

I am dying for a good sale! Glad you got something at yours! I would've kept this set for myself. :)


My, how time flies when you're having fun! Too bad you didn't get to relax, but you're right. At least you had good company.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It might not have been a lazy day, but it still looks like it was enjoyable! I really enjoyed the part about pushy men. I've almost been knocked to the ground by men trying to get at some tools at an estate sale. It took two times, but I've finally learned my lesson: Stay away from the tool section. And most especially the toy car section!

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