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April 13, 2014


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you really racked up! i LOVE that button card that makes them look like flowers.

Linda @ A La Carte

So many pretties! Love all the buttons on cards! I need a good junking trip!!


Musings from Kim K.

Wow! You really did well. I swear you are a Jadite and feedsack magnet! I never ever find Jadite. Glad you rescued that German doll too. Congratulations on a fabulous haul.


Those buttons are so wonderful! I love all the cute cards they come on. Great finds! You're so lucky to find so much feed sack fabric all the time.

Melissa's Antiques

What wonderful, wonderful finds! I love this time of year, because there's enough other holiday stuff going on that most people forget about Christmas. I picked up some Christmas goodies this weekend, too!


I always check the free box. I have found some amazing things in there! Loving the Jadeite and farm basket! I would have to keep it all :-)

Glad to see it's picking up for you.

Have an awesome week!


laurie magpie ethel

Ir really baffles me what people decide should go in the free box. I am not complaining when you find stuff like you did..but just perplexed. Glad you got lucky this weekend!


Aw! Now that's a great way to shake off the winter cabin fever. Great score!

vintage grey

Love it all!! The basket is so cute and love all those pretty squares! You should be greedy with all of these! ;) xo Heather


Wowza, any day where Jadite is found is a red-letter junking day and then good freebies on top. High five!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You want to know what I find in the free boxes around here? Coffee cups. And 7-11 Big Gulp cups. Never vintage Christmas! Glad you had luck this time around. Always love to see what you bring home, whether you're keeping it or not!


I see what you did with those blocks! ;)

Today I found a perfect looking gurgle pot at Goodwill. A fake! A fake! It doesn't gurgle! So disappointed. I did find a vintage nutcracker with real fur for my son's collection, so not a total loss.

Mitzi Curi

Wonderful score, Barbara! It seems that jadite has all but dried up around here, and I could really use some.....

Carletta Heide

I have not thought of The Boxcar Children book for decades. It was read over Wisconsin public radio in the 1960's. I did not know the books were a series. Now I have to check them out. Thank you.

Jewels Welsh

Jackpot B! Love all of it.....

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