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May 18, 2014


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vintage grey

Oh, what pretties! Love the strawberry decals and pretty daisy tray!! And, the tupperware are so sweet!! xo Heather

Jewels Welsh

Love them both but that red really does POP!

Musings from Kim K.

Loving those reds...especially that fantastic tray. I always look forward to a Jadite fix when I visit your blog!

laurie magpie ethel

The can't get everything in the car will come..the season is still young. Love all the matchy-matchy going on in this post! Great little trellis.

Melissa's Antiques

What great finds! I have a bunch of those meyercord decals, but a little leak and my booth has ruined almost all of them :(


Jadite restaurant plates - wheeee!! I would have been happy with just those two. Nice haul and you know the next great thing is just around the corner.... 8+)


Isn't it funny how some days there tends to be a theme in what we purchase? One day I picked up vintage Donkey themed items at 4 different sales. A collection was born!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What a feast for the eyes, especially that garden arbor napkin holder! I am also waiting for a really great sale. A sale where you're so grateful you've brought your friend, because you have to make her stand guard over your junk while you go and try to find even more junk to add to the pile!

Mitzi Curi

The colors of the past are always so cheerful!

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