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August 10, 2014


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Jewels Welsh

Lol we will never know about Bean....my sister was very excited to see your xmas decoration haul (she's sort of weird that way)...

Musings from Kim K.

Glad you rescued those Christmas ornaments and I'm still completely smitten with that orphaned bear and Adirondack canoe.

laurie magpie ethel

Not bad on that Christmas haul. Funny what conversations you hear snippets of that leave you wondering.....


Loved the Bean story. A little more "ear smuggling" when you go back might yield the rest of the story and you better share - lol! I would be tempted.

Melissa's Antiques

Love the long teardrop shaped ornaments. My absolute favorite. I don't find them much around here.


Missing MB and you!

And of course you had to capture those ornaments before Gina and Linda got to them!



The Mystery of the Missing Bean....

Sounds like a Nancy Drew book to me :-)

Those ornaments are beautiful. Glad you go to do a little pre-show picking.


vintage grey

Beautiful ornaments and love the smaller ones in their original boxes! Hunting for treasures is always interesting isn't it! Happy sweet week to you! Oh, and you bench looks beautiful in your garden! xo Heather

Into Vintage

I always love a good story-behind-the-story, especially when it ends with boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments.

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